CrossFit Medusa is an All Women's CrossFit training facility located in Cambridge, MA


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Address:  CrossFit Medusa
1957 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

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Workout of the Day

  • Thursday 24th-April


    Bench press, 5×5, same weight entire time




    20 min AMRAP

    5 handstand pushups

    10 pistols

    15 pullups

Recent Blog Post

  • Wall Balls

    Wall Balls by Beth Bryant As most of you know, I do not like wall balls.  Well, that’s an understatement.  I hate wall balls.  However, I won’t argue with the fact that they’re a great exercise to do.  One of this month’s challenges is to get a sub 9:00 Karen, which is 150 wall balls, [...]

  • Spring Training

    Spring Training By Rachael Weiker   Though spring is officially here, Mother Nature hasn’t quite gotten the memo on bringing that sunshine and flower bit. At least we can finally run outside without dodging piles of dirty ice and snow!  I know many of our Medusa ladies have already registered for their first road race [...]

  • 6 Websites You Should be Reading Mobility WOD is a great website to find different movements to fix your any mobility/flexibility issues you might be having. Want to see how an elite Crossfit competitior trains? This is Talayna Fortunato’s blog, with all of the details! While the entire website is a great resource, this page in particular [...]

  • Tricky Transitions

    Tricky Transitions Spring is a tricky time of year. Daylight and schedules shift, the weather becomes finicky, and we get so excited to escape the doldrums of winter – especially this winter, yeesh! – that we start to jump into spring and summer activities a little too quickly. As an endurance athlete, Spring is always [...]

  • New classes on Friday!

    We will now be offering a 4:30 Crossfit class and a 6:30PM Olympic lifting class on Friday! Sign up online!

  • Exercise Challenges of the Month: Deadlift Your Bodyweight and Box Jump 24”

    By Coach Beth   The Deadlift One of the exercise challenges this January is to deadlift your own body weight.  Why did we focus on this exercise?  Here are a few reasons: 1) The deadlift strengths the posterior chain, which is comprised of the back muscles, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and the support muscles of the [...]

  • Member of the Month: Meg Sinick

    What motivated you to join Crossfit Medusa? I live right around the corner, and saw the studio when it was under construction. I was feeling a little uninspired by my workout routine last summer and wanted to try something different. What kind of physical activity did you do (if any) before joining Medusa? I ran, [...]

  • How to Set Short-Term Goals

    How to Set Short-Term Goals By Coach Beth   Every month at Crossfit Medusa, we ask our members to write their monthly goal(s) on a whiteboard.  Having goals is a good way to motivate yourself to come to the box and to stick to a healthy lifestyle.  Putting them on a whiteboard helps keep you [...]

  • November Challenge: The Two Minute Plank

    Source: Core strength is an integral part of being able to perform any Crossfit exercise. It’s also important for everyday life. Think of this set of muscles as the trunk of your body, like a tree. These muscles help keep you upright, bear weight, and prevent you from falling over. Therefore, it is particularly [...]

  • Paleo Snack Ideas

    Sweet Fruit & Nut butter – apples, pears, or bananas are great with a little bit of nut butter. This will provide you with fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied. Bacon wrapped dates Dates stuffed with nut butter or coconut butter Banana ice cream – Freeze bananas (remove the skin [...]

  • Meal Planning and Prepping

    Planning and prepping your food in advance is crucial to staying on the Paleo diet during this challenge. Making sure you have snacks and prepacked meals will help you stay on track and avoid the sugar laden vending machine junk! Here are some tips from the coaches at Crossfit Medusa on how to meal plan [...]

  • “Crossfit Medusa Book Club and Running Club Announcement”

    Medusa Book Club! Ladies of CrossFit Medusa!! Last week I wrote about building a community of supportive, health-conscious people to help you meet your fitness goals. Just yesterday Beth announced our first Paleo Challenge – an awesome opportunity to clean up your diet, heal your gut, and set a foundation for good nutrition. Now, we’ve [...]

  • Revised Paleo Challenge

    Paleo Challenge The Rules: You start with 0 points.  Over the month of October (October 1-October 30th), you will accumulate points.  By September 30th, you will have picked a goal for total points accumulated and will work towards that goal throughout the month of October.  Everyone who meets her goal will be entered into a [...]

  • CrossFit Community by: Rachel Weiker

    Have you ever tried to create or break a habit on your own? Ever created a workout regime or diet plan for yourself and failed to keep it going for more than a few weeks? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set workout schedules for myself that have never made it beyond the [...]

  • Nutrition Workshop Update!!!

    CORRECTION: The workshop will be held on Saturday, September 21st, not the 22nd!

  • Nutrition Workshop and Challenge

    On September 22 at 11AM, Crossfit Medusa will hold a nutrition workshop for any interested members.  The workshop will cover basic nutrition with an emphasis on the Paleo diet, as well as post-workout nutrition and nutrition for fat loss.  This workshop will also prep you for the Paleo Challenge that Crossfit Medusa will be hosting [...]

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  • CrossFit WOD 060213

    Estamos bastante confiados en decir esto es una “buena reputación” ———— 6 Consejos para una mejor recuperación (Pruébalas hoy!) El hombre más fuerte que usted nunca ha oído hablar de (NSFW – Language) Un análisis de los tipos de cuerpo en Levantamiento de Pesas (Para los tipos nerd como yo) Una súplica para el Cuerpo [...]