1957 Massachusetts Avenue, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA
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CrossFit Medusa is an All Women's CrossFit training facility located in Cambridge, MA

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  • Address: 1957 Massachusetts Avenue, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA
  • Telephone: (617) 999-3548
  • Email: info@crossfitmedusa.com
Workout of the Day

  • Tuesday 30 September

    Strength: Back Squat

    5×5 (ascending in weight)

    Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP)with barbell

    WOD: “Fight Gone Bad” -3 Rounds

    In this workout you move from each of five stations after 1 minute:

    This is a 5-minute round in which a 1-minute break is allowed before repeating.

    The stations are:

    Wall Ball 14/12 lb ball (reps)

    SDLHP  35 lb bell (reps)

    Push press 55# (reps)

    Row: (calories)


    The clock will beep between minutes and the athletes will rotate to the next station. One point is given for each rep- except for the rower where one calorie equals 1 rep.