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  • Friday 12 February

    WOD: Maximum Effort Day Three rounds of 1:00 each of maximum possible wallball shots (14#) 1:30 rest between each set Three…

  • Thursday 11 February

    Skill/Strength: EMOM 10 1 Power Clean, 1 Squat Clean WOD: In Partners AMRAP 15 7 Bar Facing Burpees 5 Clean…

  • Wednesday 10 February

    'Get Your Goat Day' – Metcon Madness Choose Thrusters or Overhead Squats (65#) / Double Unders or Wallballs (14#) WOD:…

Why a women’s-only CrossFit box?

welcomeCrossFits are popping up everywhere. Our box has a niche. In some boxes the male-to-female ratios are equal and sometimes they are not. CrossFit Medusa has nothing to do with that. CrossFit Medusa is simply a different concept. A common misconception for those unfamiliar with CrossFit is “that sounds scary” or “that sounds like it is for men.”

There aren’t many venues where women are encouraged to lift weights. But the secret’s out: weight training is in fact, for girls. So why not join a community of like-minded ladies, supporting one another in their fitness goals?



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